Saturday, February 28, 2009

Learning Secrets Tonight w/ Runaway

I'm looking forward to going out. It's been a while... 10 days to be exact. Runaway will be the main musical attraction and for good reason. Be there or be [ ].

The Item: Vintage Brown Loafers

Styled with Nudie Thin Finn Jeans

I bought these vintage brown loafers about 4 weeks ago at New Bohemia on South Congress. I've been really happy with my buy and received many compliments. Recently, I've been looking for spring/summer shoes and these are great without a sock. I think the best part of these shoes is that they look expensive, but I bought them for $30.

Vintage Finds: Plaid Shirts

A particular Unis blue plaid shirt has been haunting me recently. I knew I should have bought it and now I'm really regretting it. In attempts to quiet my fashion demons, I've been going around Ebay and Utsy looking for a comparable shirt. I haven't found one yet, but I have stumbled across some other nice shirts that would be great for the warmer seasons.

Vintage 70/80s Plaid, Short Sleeve Blue Shirt
I really like the pattern of this shirt with the small, salmon colored stripes throughout the garment. The shirt is going for $7.95 and is sized as a medium. My advice is to buy it, get it tailored, and roll up the sleeves for a nice summer shirt.

Vintage Christian Dior Plaid Shirt
I do nearly all shades of blue, but I can't do purple. I have a lot of respect for someone who can pull off a purple shirt and not look like a winner. If you're up to the challenge, I'd say check this shirt out. It'll cost you $20 and is a size small.

Vintage 1960s Burgundy Medium Shirt
The shirt still has a tag on it. It's so silly that some people are not wearing these nice shirts. Oh well, better for us. This shirt is priced at $40.

1960s Chambray Work Shirt
Ok. It's not plaid, but whatever. It's a small shirt that has never been worn and is selling for $35. I would buy it this second, but I'm waiting for a J.Crew Vintage Chambray Workshirt. I have to wait for the x-small to go on sale in April :(

Royksopp - Happy Up Here

SXSW + American Apparel

OK. OK. OK. I'm even more thrilled now.

American Apparel is putting together a Flea Market at SXSW during March 19-21 at the American Youthworks Building at 4th and San Jacinto. The event is open to the public and runs from 11am to 8pm. Refreshments and ice cream will be served to cool you down from the Texas heat and music sets from Viva Radio will provide the tunes.

The best part of this all... merchandise starts at $1.

Friday, February 27, 2009

SXSW: Info & Music List I

With SXSW coming up in a few weeks, I've been updating my music calender with shows, parties, and other great events. The SXSW website has a feature that allows you to add shows to your iCal or other calender applications. Sched*SXSW also has a web calender that features unofficial and official events and is probably one of the best ways to organize yourself for the madness happening in Austin. Sched*SXSW, Done Waiting, and Ultra 8201, are great blogs to check out concerning events happening and musical acts. Personally, I'm ridiculously excited about SXSW coming up. I'm volunteering with two crews, High Beam Special Events and Screen Burn, during the beginning portion of the festival and I'll be skipping around during the music half. Below I added myspace sites + videos of some bands and musical artists that I definitely plan to see. Oh and don't forget to start RSVPing to day/night parties.

Au Revoir Simone- Sad Song

Boys Noize- Promo Clip

Ladyhawke- Dusk Till Dawn


Blood Group- Live video from Iceland show

Holly Conlan- Beautiful Night

School of Seven Bells- Half Asleep

N.A.S.A.- Money

Casiokids- Fot I House

Efterklang- Mirador

The Golden Filter- Solid Gold

Little Boots- Mathematics
On Repeat: Little Boots

Passion Pit- Interview and Behind the Scenes
On Repeat: Passion Pit

Kascade- Move for Me

Laura Marling- New Romantic

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour- The Golden Age

The Boat People- Awkward Orchid Orchard

Those Darlins- Whole Damn Thing

The Twelves- When You Talk

Ra Ra Riot- Ghost Under Rocks

Solid Gold- Bible Thumper

Steed Lord- Take My Hand

The Whip- Sister Siam

Loquat- Harder Hit

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fashion Freekout @ Mohawk (Austin)

The Mohawk is hosting Fashion Freakout II this Friday, February 6th. Independent clothing stores from around Austin will showcase apparel through a well collaborated runway show. Hacienda will provide the tunes.

I might or might not be at the show. It depends on if my disease *cough* dissipates before tomorrow evening.

Press Release:
Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars and start planning your 'trip' to the second annual FASHION FREAKOUT happening Friday, February 6th! This year's catwalk collaboration of rock-minded trendsetters expands in more ways than one as PROTOTYPE VINTAGE DESIGN, NEW BOHEMIA and BUFFALO EXCHANGE welcome bad ass ebay entity LACED WITH ROMANCE to the rockin' runway. The MOHAWK's multilevel terrace provides vantage points aplenty as PROTOTYPE VINTAGE DESIGN sets the scene with stage and party décor fit for a rock-n-roll queen.

Come on and get it on because after rock-n-roll deejay sets from TWEEDY, McNEELY and BIGFACE, master of ceremonies MIKE WEIBE of the RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS gets the fashion show on the road. Showcasing clothing, jewelry and accessories for men and women, these Austin vintage style staples influence local trends and illustrate perfectly the union between music and fashion. PINK SALON provides the hair and make-up magic for models set to get temperatures runnin' high.

Friday night's feelin' alright as the good lookin' boys of HACIENDA play two sets intent on getting some booties shimmying and a shakin'. Fresh off of ROLLING STONE'S "Hot List," these retro-rockers know how to do you right.

This rock-n-roll fashion show welcomes all ages to join in the psychedelic freakout. Both oldies but goodies and the youth of today will find fashion inspiration in this shindig, and it's only eight
bucks for adults and ten bucks for minors. Last year's smashing success sold out, so don't be fashionably late, the doors open at 8pm, and the cuties hit the catwalk promptly at 9pm.

V.I.P. seating with swag bags is available to press and photographers only, until space runs out. RSVP now to reserve your front row seat to see the tastiest eye candy in Austin dressed in budget-friendly fashion in a glamorous rock-n-roll environment.

Please send guest requests to

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

News & Highlights: Advice and Tips Edition

Beauty Bar 1/31/09: Showing off my latest accomplishment, the Zoolander look. I'm such a winner.

Copenhagen Fashion Week starts on Feburary the 4th. Do what I did to get in to parties and runway shows: email the contact person and ask to be added to the list. The runway shows are harder to get in to. If they ask your affiliation, as in wanting to see if you're in the industry, just say "I have no formal ties, but I'm an avid spender and supporter of the industry and specifically your brand. I can give you the number to my Visa Black Card to verify my numerous purchases with your line." They won't ask for the number. Okay, technically the last part isn't completely true, but if one did have a Visa Black Card, I'd believe such a statement would be honest. Either way, it worked for me.

My Sava Anna! t-shirt is way too big. The sizing isn't true to American Apparel wear. I thought I should share in case one of my readers gives in and buys one. Sharing is caring.

South By South West Tip: If you're able to take a trip to Austin for SXSW and you find yourself waiting in line, at lets say the Beauty Bar, my advice to you is to jump the fence. Even if you fall on your ass at the first attempt because some fellow gays were just too inebriated to help you, go for it again. After you clear obstacle 1, run and go get lost in the crowd to avoid the bouncers and await for your friends to take their turn in jumping the fence. You'll be someone's hero at the end of the night. Well, that what one person said to me.

Taking Advantage of the Recession in Britain. I really enjoyed reading this article because basically that's been my strategy lately. I just bought some grey, patent leather loafers from S***r and I'm loving them and the price. Don't throw a fit when you see the shipping cost. It cost $50 to ship a pair of shoes from England to Texas, but when you're calculating discounts and other variables, buying it online from an international website usually wins. Other websites to check out: Oki-Ni and Asos. (via Refinery 29)