Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Turn: T Magazine and The Brothers Grim

I blame my love for Jane Austen books and the imagery of the characters within her books for my admiration for topcoats, top hats, and neatly folded scarves. The Brothers Grim in T Magazine for NYTimes utilizes inspirational pieces from the common fashion of the Victorian era to provide a modern interpretation of such sartorial wear. Jane Austen wrote in the Georgian era, which is pre-Victorian.

These pictures reminded me of the music video Crucify my Heart by Private. I think the lead singer should have opted for a top hat. Don't get my wrong, I love seeing a Dane without blond hair, but the hair just kept getting in the way :( When I was wrecking my reputation in Copenhagen, my guy friends would make me flirt my way into requesting My Secret Lover at the gay clubs. Funny thing was that the DJ was a fine example of a lesbian Cougar. Thankfully, I had my catnip cologne on so it didn't take much. True story. Find more Private at their happy, Danish blog.

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