Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Item: Apolis Activism Wax Canvas Bomber Jacket

Apolis Activism has some notable pieces for the upcoming fall season. The wax canvas bomber jacket struck me because I usually have a No Bomber Jacket policy. I really can't stand the snug cuff and waist portion of the jacket; I'll fidget between my shirt cuff, watch, and jacket cuff in attempts to style the three appropriately. I have problems. I like this bomber jacket enough to overlook my pending mannerism. The blue, wax cotton makes the jacket. On top of being a great shade of blue for the season, the wax will add a slight shimmer providing a great texture to contrast a pair of dark grey jeans or any other pant of your choice.

Find this jacket at Context Clothing.

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Sally - Coats said...

Good stuff! I continue to enjoy reading these posts.