Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is it James Schuman or Scott Dean?

James Dean photo originally uploaded to Flickr by Chris Weisberg.

Browsing through Flickr for an upcoming post, I stumbled on the above James Dean photograph and my initial thoughts turned towards Scott Schuman (aka The Sartorialist). I've always wondered how he worked behind the camera and I took the Dean photo above as something comparable. Continuing to browse through James Dean photos, I began to see a similarity. I'm not sure it's of conscious influence, but Scott emulates James. My proof is below.

James Dean photo originally uploaded on Flickr by adkins_rita. Photograph of Scott Schuman by Karl Hab and posted on Hypebeast.

James Dean photo originally uploaded to Flickr by adkins_ritaPhoto of Scott Schuman originally uploaded to Flickr by yael_sloma.

Well maybe not completely. Dean seems more of the rougher sort and Schuman is probably a charmer.

If you haven't bought Scott Schuman's newest book, The Sartoralist, you can buy a copy through Amazon. If you're lucky enough to live in a large city, you might be able to attend one of the author's book signing events. Anyone want to send me a signed copy? I highly doubt he'll take a visit to Austin, TX.


Anonymous said...

Please don;t add to this man's ego. He has a hard enough time fitting it through doorways to begin with. A gnome would be a better fit.

marriott said...

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Kjirsten Embley said...

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