Thursday, July 31, 2008

News & Highlights

Selectism wants you to be SUPER.

The JC Report suggests two mens fashion blogs to notice.

I like really this clock (via Notcot).

Tim Hamilton: Fall 2008

The Tim Hamilton Fall 2008 collection is forcing me to utilize some resources so I can get my hands on a couple of his items. What fascinates me most with this line is the detailing at the bottom of his trousers. In a couple of instances, there is a scrunch like, elastic opening at the leg. In another case, a button closure is detailed at the bottom of the pants. The styling of the collection is also fantastic; the color tones and different materials enhance each assemble to give a rich contrast resulting in a handsome look.

Check out a recent interview with Tim Hamilton in The Moment.

The Item: New Monk by n.d.c

New Monk (shown on model)
via n.d.c.

Peter Jensen: Fall 2008

The Danes have a way of incorporating humor and subtle cuteness into their garments. Peter Jensen has upheld this in his 2008 Fall collection with flashes of plaid rabbits on shirts and multicolored, bubble pins. Without such additions, his line would be completely different (just imagine it). The skinny scarves could no way withstand a Scandinavian winter, but I wouldn't mind having one.

Unconditional: Fall 2008

I see pleated, wide-leg trousers.

On Repeat: Mystery Jets

Mystery Jets- Young Love

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nonsense: Pantyhose for men.

Jezebel does such good things for us. The blog brings us stimulant driven advice, shows men how it feels like to be a girl, and showcases other amusement. The efforts of Jezebel has allowed us to become fully aware of the next wave of nonsense to hit men's fashion: the Male Pantyhose. There are advocates amongst us, E-mancipate, and they even have a Street Wear Guide:
Act and behave as usual: this way you are communicating to others that you are in fact a usual guy.
I have opted not to post a picture on this entry because I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Of all the pictures I have looked at, none of them look posh, classy, or dashing in any way. I can understand if it's worn during exercise, but the advocates prefer it for all occasions. It just doesn't look good.

Update: I edited this article at 11:30pm.

S2VS: Spring/Summer 2009

The young label wastes no time. In their third collection, Spring 2009, S2VS collaborates several influences from the young street scene. The line focuses on the black and white palette and I couldn't be more happier. Most of my clothes follow the same color scheme and I usually add a bold (colorful) accessory piece to complete a look. The detailing of the trousers and shorts should definitely be noted. The use of a distinct, braided string on the hooded, short sleeve shirt is unexpected and well accepted. The white pant with the black accents is rather nice.

Now I hate to play favorites, but...
via S2VS

The Turn: Sock Monkey

As stores begin their summer sales, we are reminded that the Fall season is around the corner and the end of the no sock look doesn't mean a hiatus of fun. Many fashion & style blogs have pictorialized the summer roll-up pant and short; I dug through some blogs and found examples: 1, 2, 3, and 4. I wouldn't be surprised if such a trend continues into the autumn. The roll-up pant will be nice to show off the detailing of one's shoe and well, don't forget to pair the look with a nice sock. I rummaged through two reliable sources for striking socks: Paul Smith and Barneys.

A7xa 800e F40s PA7xa 800e F03s SA7xa 800e F47s E
Paul Smith Socks

A8xa 800e F41 CA8xa 800e F29 UA8xa 800e F16 G
Paul Smith Socks

News & Highlights

Oak (Hiroko Masuike for NYT)

“Oh! We actually do have a dress with an instruction manual! Let me see if I can find it!”
The New York Times visits Oak and feels "old and confused.”

First thought that comes to mind: arts and crafts time. Gluejeans by G & N look pretty damn ___. How's the fit? (via Dazed)

The Look Book features intern Rogelio Burgos. I'm really liking his jacket. (via NYmag)


Still Life Hats

Still life is located in NYC. I'm going to take a gamble and say this line is very much influenced by the jazz greats (headlining each hat's description is a quote from such a musician). I admire the silk ribbon, feather, and button detail.
"I was unfashionable before anyone knew who I was."
- Paul Desmond

Since its inception in Fall 2006, the Still Life flagship store has been home to an eclectic range of original designs- envisioned and tailored to perfection-by creative director and owner, Frenel Morris. Located in the heart of the Lower East Side, Still Life provides each client with custom hand-crafted pieces. An on-site seamstress ensures that each product is carefully assembled in a timely manner with keen attention to detail.

Still Life will vertically integrate its production model by opening its very own millinery factory located in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The Still Life Reserve will guarantee control and precision of all our products from sketch to finish. We hope that with this expansion, the brand's visibility will continue to grow- gaining continued support from the local neighborhood, loyal clientele- and spur domestic and international interest.
via Still Life

Toys: Leica M8

My professional time is spent using other products of the Leica brand. I couldn't help, but wonder onto other sections of the main website. I'm sure this camera has been blogged about dozens of times because of the design. As for the photographic capacity, I really enjoy what this camera can do.

via Leica

Hope: Fall 2008

Hope is a Swedish brand based in the capital city of Stockholm. Its two founders, Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Söderberg, each have been associated with H&M at some point in their careers. Looking through the Fall 2008 collection, I'm struck by the trousers and blazers in this runway show. Each come in two district variations. The blazers are either narrow and long or wide and short. And as for the bottoms, narrow legged or wide and pleated. Hope gives us... encouragement (hope) to mix around the differences in tailoring.

via Hope